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Vehicle:Field Support Truck

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Field Support Truck
Image:vehicle_cmnw_hq_infantry.png Health 750 Max Speed 3 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png185image:Fuel.png30 Acceleration 1.5 Detection 9/0
Time 70 Deceleration 1.5
Hotkey: F Population 0 Rotation 40 Target Type hqs_mobile
Upkeep 1.344 Crush Human Critical Type supply_truck
Crush Mode Rear Damage Enabled false


  • Command Trucks are the only way the British can secure resources.
  • Infantry can reinforce at all Command Trucks when set up.
  • This unit produce Sappers, Captains, and Stuart Light Tanks.


At the outbreak of WW II, Bedford was contracted by the British War Office to produce a 3 tons 4 x 4 general service truck. A pilot model was ready in February 1940 and quantity production started in March 1941. It was used in a range of roles including a Bofors tractor, troop carrier, cargo, tanker, communications, fire tender, field kitchen etc.




Called In Using

   Soldiers HQ


Can Build





   Stuart Light Tank


   Staghound Armoured Car


Support Abilities

   Improved Command Vehicles


Vehicle Upgrades

   Secured Resourcing


   Speed Governors