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Image:unit_cmnw_lieutenant.png Squad Size 1 Capture Rate 1 Sup Threshold 0.45
Health 65 Sight 35 Pin Threshold 0.8
Cost 250 Detection 10/0 Recovery Rate 0.012
Hotkey: L Population 1
Time 40 Retreat Modifier 0.25 Target Type infantry_heroic
Upkeep 1.5024 Reinforce Cost 0.5 Critical Type infantry_heroic
Squad Slots 2 Reinforce Time 2

   Lieutenant Veterancy



  • The Lieutenant provide a passive combat and movement bonus to infantry in a 30 units radius around him. British infantry themselves do not gain veterancy.
  • Lieutenants is the only way that British infantry can gain veterancy. They either earn experience by killing units or through transfered experience from friendly unit
  • A Lieutenant that attains vet 3 gives 80 exp points equaling 1 free CP.
  • A Lieutenant boosts the abilities of the squad its attached to. The most obvious boost is to speed, making the infantry able to move at full speed in enemy or neutral territory.
  • Your Lieutenant can pick up any dropped weapon (besides crew weapons such as an HMG or mortar) to replace his SMG. This is advisable, especially if you can pick up a Bren LMG, LMG42, BAR or even AT weapons such as panzershreks or bazookas should your opponent be vehicle heavy.


The Lieutenant was once the second officer in an infantry company or cavalry troop. The Captain was the company or troop commander and the third officer had a variety of titles, hence the difference in modern day rank titles. Some countries used First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant for the two junior officers; some used Lieutenant and Senior Lieutenant; some used Lieutenant and Sub-Lieutenant; some (such as Britain) used Lieutenant and Ensign (infantry) or Cornet (cavalry). When the latter ranks were changed to Second Lieutenant, the senior rank remained as Lieutenant.Some parts of the British Army, including the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, and fusilier regiments, used First Lieutenant as well as Second Lieutenant until the end of the 19th century. A Lieutenant usually commands a platoon or similar unit.

Built From

   Headquarters Command Truck



   Forward Observation Officer Barrage


Squad Abilities

   Heroic Charge


Squad Weapons

   Sten SMG Silenced


   25 Pounder Howitzer