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Image:unit_cmnw_captain.png Squad Size 1 Capture Rate 1 Sup Threshold 0.35
Health 60 Sight 35 Pin Threshold 0.8
Cost 300 Detection 10/0 Recovery Rate 0.012
Hotkey: C Population 1
Time 60 Retreat Modifier 0.5 Target Type infantry_heroic
Upkeep 1.5024 Reinforce Cost 0.5 Critical Type infantry_heroic
Squad Slots 2 Reinforce Time 2


  • The captain is an officer much like the Lieutenant. Unlike the Lieutenant, Captains do NOT give speed bonuses. Captains solely give defensive bonuses and quite good at that. He will give bonuses to an entire sector and receive veterancy from all units within.
  • It is a good idea for Captains to pick up fallen enemy weapons, as their standard weapon is generally ineffective.


Captain is a rank in the British armed forces that is used in the Army, Royal Navy, and the Royal Marines. The title is used by two separate rank grades however. Royal Navy - the rank of Captain in the Royal Navy is at the NATO OF-5 grade, equivalent to a full Colonel in the Army and Royal Marines or a Group Captain in the RAF; and Army/Royal Marines in the Army and Royal Marines, Captain is the OF-2 grade and is parallel to a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy or a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF.

Built From

   Field Support Truck


Support Abilities

   Forward Observation Officer Barrage


Squad Abilities

   Victor Target


Squad Weapons

   Webley Revolver