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Vehicle:Staghound Armoured Car

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Staghound Armoured Car
Image:vehicle_cw_staghound.png Health 450 Max Speed 6.5 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png280image:Fuel.png45 Acceleration 4 Detection 0/0
Time 45 Deceleration 5
Hotkey: S Population 6 Rotation 50 Target Type armour_stuart
Upkeep 5.5008 Crush Human False Critical Type armour
Crush Mode Light Rear Damage Enabled true

British Veterancy

  • british units, excluding the Lieutenant, captain, and command tank, do not gain veterancy. Any experiences earned from kills by tanks and vehicles are transfered to nearby command tank at the time of the kill, or otherwise lost forever.
  • Since the use of the staghound exclude the presence of a command tank, the staghound can not benefit from the command tank bonus.


  • The British Staghound Armoured Car (not to be confused with the American T17 Armored Car) is an alternative unit introduced in Tales of Valor. It can be chosen to swap in place with the Cromwell Command Tank.
  • Unlike conventional alternatives, the Staghound alternative is very different, changing the very role of the unit it is replacing.
  • There is no hardcap on the Staghound.
  • Unlike the Command Tank, the Staghound cannot gain veterancy and does not provide aura bonuses. Also, since the Command Tank is replaced, the "Creeping Smoke Barrage" ability of the Royal Canadian Artillery doctrine will no longer be available.


  • Since the Staghound removes aura bonuses for vehicles, as well as vehicle veterancy, it may need to be used aggressively to push towards victory, as long term benefits of veterancy are no longer available.
  • Remember that there is no hard cap on the Staghound, so using it in numbers is an option.
  • This unit is statistically very similar to the M3 Stuart light tank. Notable exception being that the staghound have 450 hp compared to the stuart's 300 hp, have access to a .50 cal mg upgrade for 50 munition instead of being able to use the "Canister Rounds" ability, and its main cannon is more accurate against infantry. Otherwise, all statistics, movement speed, cost, etc. are the same.
  • Since it is basically a superior version of the Stuart that comes out later, it can be used as an effective anti-infantry vehicle, but care must be taken to avoid anti-tank counters that may be present by late game.


   37mm British Staghound