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Vehicle:Sdkfz 234 Armored Car

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Sdkfz 234 Armored Car
Image:vehicle_axis_puma.png Health 310 Max Speed 7 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png280image:Fuel.png35 Acceleration 4.5 Detection 0/0
Time 45 Deceleration 4.5
Hotkey: P Population 4 Rotation 50 Target Type vehicle_234
Upkeep 5.376 Crush Human Critical Type vehicle
Crush Mode Rear Damage Enabled true

   Sdkfz 234 Armored Car Veterancy



  • Commonly known as the Puma, the armored car is effective at killing infantry and airborne units.
  • Kiting is a tactic used to back up and stay at the maximum gun range and avoid sticky bombs and other weapons.
  • When a British opponent fast-techs to Stuart, a fairly quick solution to this is to up gun the Puma with a 50mm gun. This allows it to win in a slug fest against the Stuart and gives it the ability to "snipe" Infantry Sections.


The SdKfz 234 series of armored car were an effective series of vehicles intended to replace the aging SdKfz 222 and 231 armored cars in service. With its eight-wheeled design it could travel over rough terrain nearly as well as a tank, and its frontal amour was improved over earlier vehicles of the same class. The first models that arrived at the front-line were the SdKfz 234/2 "Puma" which mounted a small turret that was originally designed for a light tank project that was scrapped. This turret carried a 5cm KwK39 gun, which was the main gun of most Panzer III's only a year before, so it was an effective anti-tank defense. Later models were SdKfz 234/1's which had the SdKfz 222's turret with a 2cm KwK38 gun. Near the end of the war, the SdKfz 234/3 and 234/4 were put into service, which were armed with a 7.5cm KwK37 short tank gun and a 7.5cm PaK40 anti-tank gun respectively. Very few divisions received SdKfz 234 series vehicles for their mechanized reconnaissance battalions.

The 234 in Company of Heroes is the SdKfz 234/1, with the option of upgrading to a SdKfz 234/2 "Puma" when taking the 50mm Gun upgrade.

Built From

   Sturm Armory


Doctrinal Abilities



Vehicle Abilities

   Vehicle Cover


Vehicle Upgrades

   Puma 50mm Gun


Vehicle Weapons

   20mm Puma


   50mm Puma


   MG42 Coaxial MG