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Vehicle:Scout Car

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Scout Car
Image:vehicle_pnze_armoured_car_scout.png Health 260 Max Speed 7.5 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png220 Acceleration 6 Detection 9/0
Time 40 Deceleration 4.5
Hotkey: S Population 2 Rotation 75 Target Type vehicle_22x
Upkeep 2.688 Crush Human Critical Type light_vehicle
Crush Mode Rear Damage Enabled true

   Scout Car Veterancy



  • The Scout Car is the Panzer Elite's way of securing resources.
  • The Scout Car can capture command points.
  • Scouts Cars are lightly armored, and can fall quickly to small arms fire.
  • The Scout Car is good in early game, since it can quickly capture and secure resources, and it has A MG42 which deals massive damage against infantry.


The SdKfz 221 Armoured Car was a common vehicle in reconnaissance patrols. Protected from small arms fire, and armed with a single light machine-gun, the SdKfz 221 was ill-suited for heavy combat. Its four-wheel design gave it poor off-road performance, which limited it to scouting roads and well-maintained trails. They were utilized by the Panzeraufklärungsabteilung (Mechanized Reconnaissance Battalion) of Panzer, and Panzergrenadier divisions as their main recon element. A patrol of one or two SdKfz 221 were led by a single SdKfz 223 radio-equipped armoured car.

The Scout Car in Company of Heroes is an SdKfz 221, with the option of changing into an SdKfz 223 by taking the Logistik upgrade.

Built From

   Logistik Kompanie


Vehicle Abilities

   Secure Sector


   Vehicle Cover


Vehicle Upgrades

   Logistik Upgrade


Vehicle Weapons

   MG42 Scout Car