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Vehicle:Panzer IV

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Panzer IV
Image:vehicle_axis_panzer_iv.png Health 600 Max Speed 5 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png410image:Fuel.png70 Acceleration 1.2 Detection 0/0
Time 55 Deceleration 3
Hotkey: Z Population 8 Rotation 35 Target Type armour_panzer
Upkeep 10.752 Crush Human true Critical Type armour
Crush Mode crush_medium Rear Damage Enabled true

   Panzer IV Veterancy



  • The Panzer IV is a good all-round tank capable of taking on most Allied armour and infantry.
  • Kite enemy infantry in order to avoid better enemy infantry AT accuracy against the PIV.
  • Veterancy gives the Panzer IV a big increase in usefulness against Infantry. Its increased armour plates makes it less vulnerable to light AT like Bazookas and the added MG on top is more effective than the hull-MG. Vet3 PIVs are a good alternative to Ostwinds.


What started as an infantry support tank at the beginning of the war, with the early Panzer IV models, soon was up-armored and up-armed to an effective medium tank. The Panzer IV G and H tanks were effective and reliable, capable of defeating other medium tanks at range, and well-suited to any armored battle. It's 7.5cm KwK40 was better than the US and British 75mm guns on their Shermans and Cromwells, and it was not plagued with mechanical break-downs like the Panther. Its chassis was used as the basis for other vehicles, like the Wirbelwind, Ostwind, and StuG IV.

The Panzer IV in Company of Heroes is a late G or H model, though H models always left the factory with spaced armored skirts to protect the running gear and turret sides from anti-tank rifles.

Built From

   Panzer Command


Doctrinal Abilities



Vehicle Abilities

   Vehicle Cover


Vehicle Weapons

   75mm Panzer


   MG42 Coaxial MG


   MG42 Hull MG


   MG42 Turret