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Vehicle:Panzer Elite 88mm Flak 36

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Panzer Elite 88mm Flak 36
Image:ability_axis_upgrade_88mm.png Health 375 Crew Size 3 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png400image:Fuel.png75 Crew Health 85 Detection 0/0
Time 60 Crew Cover Halftrack
Hotkey: ? Population 11 Crew Target Type infantry Target Type flak
Upkeep 14.784

   Panzer Elite 88mm Flak 36 Veterancy



  • The biggest AT gun in the game, the 88mm flak will devastate any armor, however it is stationary and an easy target for enemy artillery.
  • In order to minimize the damage taken from artillery and to increase the longevity of the crew manning the weapon, always sandbag the immediate perimeter of the Flak 88.
  • The Flak 88 can clear Hedgerows and other non-building obstacles to take advantage of a greater field of fire. You can do this by attacking ground at the hedgerow/ non-building obstacles.
  • It is advisable to keep a Kettenkrad near to provide a longer field of fire and to eliminate the threat of allied snipers.
  • The Flak 88 has a greater range than its line of sight, therefore sending a camouflaged Kettenkrad ahead of the 88 will alert the gun sooner to enemy activity.
  • Because the Flak 88 is stationary, it is quite vulnerable to enemy infantry. Placing it in a defendable area is best advised as well as laying wire or sandbags to prevent certain entrance ways to it.


The 8.8cm FlaK36 was a heavy anti-aircraft gun initially designed for hitting high altitude planes. Its History is dating back to the first Worldwar, where huge guns with high muzzle Velocity were first tested against high altitude airplanes. It was then later in the early 20ties developed by the Germans together with Bofors in Sweden and adopted as Flak 18 in 1933. Flak36 was a simplified Model of the Flak18 with a three pieced barrel. Its usefulness as an anti-tank gun was capitalized upon during the initial invasion of France, when the Panzer Is and IIs being used by the Germans were unable to knock out British and French heavy tanks. The only other anti-tank gun available at the time was the 3.7cm PaK36, also the main gun of the Panzer III, which acquired the nickname of "doorknocker" as it harmlessly clanged off of the heavier tanks. The high velocity round from the FlaK18's of the time easily defeated any armour it was fired upon. A tank version of the FlaK36 was developed and became the KwK36 mounted in the Tiger I. Luftwaffe updated their Flaks by 1941 with a much improved Version with a longer barrel, higher muzzle Velocity and new Ammunition incompatible to the old one. This Flak 41 was superior in therms of range and firing speed (up to 25 rounds per minute compared to 18 with the Flak36/37). It was of a totally different construction than previous models, but also more complicated to manufacture and maintain. Thats why a new version of the KwK36 was introduced as the KwK43 used in the King tiger or Jagdpanther and also for the Pak43. Having the same 88mm Caliber and using the Rounds of the old Flak36, this gun was lengthened to 6,28metres (L71) and had similar armour piercing capabilities as the Flak41 but still lower firing speed. This gun had the best armour penetration capabilities of all tank guns throughout the war. Even the 12,8cm Pak44/55 of the Jagdtiger had lower armour penetration due to lower muzzle velocity. In the Game, the Flak36s penetration is not even matched by the Kingtiger whereas it should be equal to the normal Tiger and Kingtiger has an even higher level of armour penetration with its longer gun. Also the Tiger has a lower range than the Panther, whereas in reality it was the opposite. Panther with its long 75mm had higher muzzle Velocity and armourpenetration under 800metres but due to lower weight of the shell also lower range and penetration over 800metres.


   Flak 36 88mm Cannon


Constructed By

   Luftwaffe Squad


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   88mm Flak 36