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Vehicle:Munitions Halftrack

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Munitions Halftrack
Image:vehicle_pnze_halftrack_munitions.png Health 360 Max Speed 6.5 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png200image:Fuel.png15 Acceleration 2 Detection 0/0
Time 30 Deceleration 3
Hotkey: M Population 4 Rotation 50 Target Type vehicle_251
Upkeep 5.376 Crush Human Critical Type supply_truck
Crush Mode Rear Damage Enabled false

   Munitions Halftrack Veterancy



  • This unit quickens the recharge time of abilities that cost Munitions.
  • The Munitions Halftrack can lay mines.
  • In combination with the Mortar Halftrack, the Mortar Halftrack can have its Incendiary Rounds ability shortened to a near instant use.


The Munitions Halftrack (Munitionswagen) is one of two variants of the SdKfz 250, a lightly armoured personnel carrier originally designed for use in the Russian Campaign, where the ability to cross great lengths of country was invaluable. Due to the vehicle's dual track and wheel system, it was possible for the vehicle to travel through more rugged terrian, while still being able to travel at fairly high speeds on roads.

The SdKfz model was used primarily for reconaissance battalions, where the tracks allowed the vehicle to move ahead of the slower vehicles that would routinely get bogged down by the destroyed Russian road network.

The SdKfz model and its variants were produced by Germany between the years 1940 and 1944.

Built From

   Logistik Kompanie


Vehicle Abilities

   Munitions Resupply


   Munitions Halftrack Mine Drop


   Vehicle Cover


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