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Vehicle:M26 Pershing

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M26 Pershing
Image:vehicle_allied_pershing.png Health 990 Max Speed 5 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png680image:Fuel.png180 Acceleration 2 Detection 0/0
Time 75 Deceleration 4
Hotkey: Population 14 Rotation 25 Target Type armour_pershing
Upkeep 27.648 Crush Human true Critical Type armour
Crush Mode crush_heavy Rear Damage Enabled true

   M26 Pershing Veterancy



  • The Pershing can only be used with the Armored Doctrine.
  • The Pershing has much higher penetrating power than the M4 Sherman or the M10 Tank Destroyer, making it a better counter against the Panther, the Tiger, and the King Tiger.
  • The Pershing should always be supported with Riflemen, and if available, other tanks.
  • Having better armor than other American tanks, the Pershing is almost on equal footing with the Tiger.
  • Keeping Engineers near the Pershing for repairs is a good idea.
  • Keep in mind that, although it is the Allied factions' most powerful tank unit, it cannot confront a Tiger I or King Tiger alone. A Tiger I will be left with extremely low health to the point where even a few riflemen with sticky bombs can easily finish it off. However, a King Tiger or Jagdpanther will EASILY take out your Pershing with enough health remaining to take on several Shermans immediately after.


The M26 Pershing was the first heavy tank to be fielded by the US Army, but arrived too late in Europe to have any impact on the remaining days of the war. The Pershing's amour was comparable to the Panther's, though with better side and rear protection, and better mechanical reliability. It's M3 90mm gun was nearly as good as the Panther's, and superior to the Tiger I's, giving it effective anti-tank firepower and a sizable high explosive shell for knocking out troops. The M26 Pershing would later prove its worth in the Korean war, facing off against exported Soviet tanks fielded by the North Korean forces.

In Company of Heroes, the M26 Pershing is out of place historically, as it was not fielded during the Normandy invasion. It would not make an appearance until well after the battles in Operation Market Garden.


   M26 Pershing Heavy Tank


Called In Using

   Call for Pershing Reinforcement


Company Abilities

   Field Repairs


   Allied War Machine


Vehicle Abilities

   Vehicle Cover


Vehicle Upgrades

   M1A1C 76mm Gun


Vehicle Weapons

   90mm Pershing


   90mm Pershing HVAP


   30 Cal Coaxial MG


   30 Cal Hull MG