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Upgrade:Field Craft

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Field Craft
Image:icon_upgrade_pnze_increase_capture_rate.png Faction Panzer Elite
Cost image:Manpower.png160image:Fuel.png20
Time Image:Time.png35
Hotkey: C

Increases Panzer Grenadier, Tank Buster, and Assault Grenadier Infantry capture rate. Also enables all Panzer Elite Infantry to detect land mines, if they stand still for 3 seconds.


Capture Rate x 1.67 (Note: This is the modifier's value, not the actual capture rate)


Field Craft boosts the Panzer Grenadiers (and their variants) capture rate by x1.67. This means their actual capture rate increases from 0.75 to 1.2525.

Upgraded At

   Kampfgruppe Kompanie


Available To

   Panzer Grenadiers


   Tank Buster Heavy Infantry


   Assault Grenadier Heavy Infantry