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Infantry:MG42 Heavy Machine Gun

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MG42 Heavy Machine Gun
Image:unit_axis_mg.png Squad Size 3 Capture Rate 1 Sup Threshold 0.2
Health 165 Sight 35 Pin Threshold 0.6
Cost 260.01 Detection 7/0 Recovery Rate 0.008
Hotkey: H Population 3
Time 39.99 Retreat Modifier 0.5 Target Type infantry
Upkeep 4.032 Reinforce Cost 0.5 Critical Type infantry
Squad Slots Reinforce Time 1

   MG42 Heavy Machine Gun Veterancy



  • Consider the MG42 the center-pin of your tactics. It is what enables your other units to flank and attack more effectively.
  • The MG42 has considerable firepower, but it can be flanked. The MG42 Team is best used when it can be supported with other infantry squads.
  • Its main strength is not its considerable damage, but its suppression. Any infantry it shoots at will hit the ground, one way or another.
  • Suppressed infantry squads are vulnerable to volksgrenadiers with or without MP40's, mortars teams, halftracks and flame weapons.
  • Volksgrenadiers can build sandbags to provide cover for your MG42's.
  • Don't fall in love with any one location. Move to advantageous positions as they become available.
  • Sandbags you leave behind becoming a problem as the enemy use them. Place mines on them, or wire off the side away from your base.
  • They are vulnerable to mortars, snipers and any infantry with fire-up, as they ignore suppression.
  • Support vet 1 reduces reload, and improves accuracy by 25%. This is a great upgrade, and cheap. Get it if you like MG42's.


Historically the MG42 was the centerpiece of German infantry tactics. Other nations included a light machine-gun into their rifle squads to add supporting fire, but in a German infantry squad the riflemen were intended to support the machine-gun. The MG42 (and the earlier MG34) fulfilled the role of light machine-gun and heavy machine-gun. Every infantry battalion contained one or two platoons of heavy machine-guns (MG42s equipped with tripods) with four teams per platoon. Each team consisted of several men dedicated to firing, resupplying, and barrel-changing their weapon. These platoons had their teams parceled out to infantry companies on the front-line.

Used extensively in World War II, and of a design that is still in widespread use today, the MG42 is regarded as one of the best machine-guns of the war. Its legacy became the MG3 and other weapons by Heckler & Koch, which was formed of the wartime Mauser factory, one of the manufacturers of the MG42. Though its air-cooled barrel required constant swaps, its high rate of fire increased casualties in the first few seconds of an ambush, in addition to intimidating enemy troops with its distinctive sound.

An often cited anecdotal evidence of the sheer power of the MG42 is of after WW2, farmers and woodsmen used to use MG42's to cut down many tree's with little effort.

Built From

   Wehrmacht Quarters


Doctrinal Abilities



   For the Fatherland




   Inspired Assault


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   Medical Kit


   Field Medical Kit


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   MP40 Sub Machine Gun Pioneer