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   Captain Veterancy



  • The Captain is one of three British units that can gain veterancy experience. His bonuses are defensive orientated and apply to the entire friendly sector he is located in. The Captain can gain experience through kills of enemy infantry units from nearby friendly infantry units. The share radius is 35 for Commandos (All types), and 40 for all other British infantry.
  • All of the Captain's aura bonuses are stackable. This means all the bonuses of veterancy level 2 stacks with the bonuses of level 0. In other words, a veterancy level 2 Captain has basically double the bonuses of a level 0 one.
  • The aura bonuses start at level 0, and additional bonuses are provided at veterancy level 2 (24 exp required)
  • Note that some bonuses only apply to infantry, and some only for emplacements.
  • The Captain gains a small amount of self veterancy bonuses at level 1 and 3, but no self veterancy bonuses at level 2.
  • Upon gaining veterancy level 3, a Captain will provide increased resource rate to the sector he is located in. The increased resource gain applies to Munitions or Fuel points, and brings about an approximately 66% increase. Secured sectors improve this gain.

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