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Vehicle:Tetrarch Light Tank

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Tetrarch Light Tank
Image:vehicle_cmnw_tetrarch.png Health 300 Max Speed 8 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png300image:Fuel.png25 Acceleration 4 Detection 0/0
Time 30 Deceleration 7
Hotkey: T Population 6 Rotation 60 Target Type vehicle_m8
Upkeep 5.5008 Crush Human Critical Type armour
Crush Mode Rear Damage Enabled true


  • Use the Tetrarch's darting speed to avoid enemy tanks.
  • The Tetrarch glider does not always land in the direction intended, be prepared and land in open spaces rather than confined areas such as city streets.
  • When deploying the Tetrarch glider, be sure to scout out the LZ before landing, there's nothing worse than landing next to a pair of Panthers.
  • The Tetrarch's speed and firepower make it an excellent counter to Halftracks, Armored Car, and 20mm Puma. In a pinch you can circle strafe a lone Marder III or StuG.
  • After the glider deploys its Tetrarch, the glider can be used to produce additional Tetrarchs.
  • If your really intend to use the Tetrarch, you need to get the Littlejohn adapter. This will triple the initially pathetic penetration of the main gun and make it useful for only 50 munitions.
  • An upgunned and over-repaired Tetrarch can deliver the killing blow to a heavily damaged King Tiger and then get out of trouble thanks to its speed.


The first Tetrarch prototype (then called a PR Tank or Purdah), was produced by Vickers-Armstrong in 1938. The vehicle was approved by the Army and production started in 1940, only to cease soon after following the bad performance of light tanks during the prevailing stage of the war.

The production of Mk VIIs was restarted in 1941 following the adoption of the vehicle by airborne forces, since it was light enough to be deployed from the air, via Hamilcar gliders, to support paratroops. The name "Tetrarch" was given to the vehicle in 1943.


   Tetrarch Tank


Called In Using

   Glider with Tetrarch


Support Abilities

   Creeping Smoke Barrage


Vehicle Abilities

   Tetrarch Smoke Shell


Vehicle Upgrades

   Littlejohn Adapter


Vehicle Weapons

   2 Pounder Tetrarch


   Besa Coaxial Vehicle