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Vehicle:Sherman Calliope

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Sherman Calliope
Image:icon_upgrade_allied_sherman_calliope.png Health 636 Max Speed 4 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png420image:Fuel.png90 Acceleration 1.6 Detection 0/0
Time 55 Deceleration 4
Hotkey: Population 10 Rotation 35 Target Type armour_sherman
Upkeep 13.824 Crush Human true Critical Type supply_truck
Crush Mode crush_medium Rear Damage Enabled true

   Sherman Calliope Veterancy



  • The Calliope can only be used with the Armored Doctrine.
  • Calliopes do decent damage to vehicles and tanks.
  • The closer the calliope is to the target it is barraging the less spread the rockets will have.
  • Calliopes are excellent to use to support a Pershing, call in a calliope barrage first to weaken enemy tanks then move the Pershing in to attack the weakened tanks.


The US Army felt that they needed a rocket launcher of their own to match the German Nebelwerfer, and additionally sought to place it on a self-propelled chassis. One of the projects to develop a rocket platform brought forth the M4 Sherman Calliope, marrying the T-34 Calliope launcher to an M4 Sherman. This platform was given field trials in Italy, where it met with mixed results. The weapon's maximum range was shorter than desired, and it could only reach that range if the tank was angled upwards on a slope. The launcher was connected to the main gun, using it to traverse the launcher up and down, so the gun couldn't fire until the launcher was ejected. Reloading was a laborious process, and the tank crews required significant retraining to act as competent artillery. Despite this, the trials proved the rocket barrage was devastating against even armoured targets, and some of the modified vehicles were used in the main European theater in a select few tank battalions.

The M4 Sherman Calliope is another vehicle that shows up too early in Company of Heroes. There were none available during the Normandy invasion, and would only appear until their field trials in Italy were completed and that nation had fallen.


   Calliope Rocket Launcher


Called In Using

   M4 Sherman Calliope Reinforcement


Company Abilities

   Field Repairs


   Allied War Machine


Vehicle Abilities

   Calliope Barrage


   Sherman Smoke Shell


Vehicle Upgrades

   Defensive Smoke Screen


Vehicle Weapons

   Calliope Rocket


   30 Cal Coaxial MG


   30 Cal Hull MG