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Vehicle:Schwimmwagen Type 166

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Schwimmwagen Type 166
Image:vehicle_axis_schwimmwagen.png Health 175 Max Speed 6.8 Sight 55
Cost image:Manpower.png240 Acceleration 10 Detection 18/0
Time 45 Deceleration 10
Hotkey: W Population 2 Rotation 105 Target Type armour_motorcycle
Upkeep 2.688 Crush Human False Critical Type light_vehicle
Crush Mode None Rear Damage Enabled false

   Schwimmwagen Type 166 Veterancy



  • The Wehrmacht Schwimmwagen Type 166 is an alternative unit introduced in Tales of Valor. It can be chosen to swap in place of the Wehrmacht Motorcycle.
  • The Schwimmwagen Type 166 is slower than the Motorcycle and is more expensive in both cost and time to produce. However, it has 50 more health than the Motorcycle and can reverse.
  • Schwimmwagens of both varieties are penalized less when travelling through water terrain, as they have a 0.8 (80%) movement speed modifier compared to 0.3 (30%) for most vehicles.


  • The Wehrmacht Schwimmwagen's extra health and ability to reverse (unlike the Motorcycle), makes it able to stay in combat longer. This makes the Schwimmwagen Type 166 more useful in narrow fighting spaces or when fighting over water. However, the slower speed, expensive cost, and long build time makes it less viable in many other situations.
  • Due to the long build time, it is recommended to build the Schwimmwagen after producing other starting units, especially in the early game.

Built From

   Wehrmacht Quarters


Doctrinal Abilities



Vehicle Abilities

   Vehicle Cover


Vehicle Weapons

   MG42 Motorcycle