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Vehicle:Schwimmwagen Type 128

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Schwimmwagen Type 128
Image:vehicle_pnze_schwimmwagen.png Health 90 Max Speed 7.5 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png165 Acceleration 14 Detection 30/10
Time 25 Deceleration 9
Hotkey: W Population 1 Rotation 120 Target Type sdkfz_22x
Upkeep 2.688 Crush Human False Critical Type supply_truck
Crush Mode None Rear Damage Enabled true

   Schwimmwagen Type 128 Veterancy



  • The Panzer Elite Schwimmwagen Type 128 (Not to be confused with the Type 166 for Wehrmacht) is an alternative unit introduced in Tales of Valor. It can be chosen to swap in place with the Kettenkrad.
  • The Schwimmwagen Type 128 is identical to the Kettenkrad, with the exception of having different abilities and being able to travel through water terrain faster.
  • Like the Kettenkrad, it can gain one of three abilities, depending on the doctrine chosen. Scorched Earth grants the "Incendiary Trap" ability, Luftwaffe grants the "Mark Target" ability, and Tank Destroyer grants the "Mine Drop" ability.
  • Incendiary Traps are incendiary mines that can be laid quickly by the Schwimmwagen. It costs 15 munitions and is only triggered by enemy infantry. When it explodes, it creates a large area of flames that deal damage over time. The damage is statistically identical to a single Incendiary Mortar round.
  • Mark Target reveals the target, even through the fog of war, and increases its received accuracy by x1.2, for a duration of 20 seconds.
  • Mine Drop drops a normal mine, and it costs more munitions than normal (35 vs 25).
  • Schwimmwagens of both varieties suffer less movement speed penalties when travelling through water terrain, as they have a 0.8 (80%) modifier compared to 0.3 (30%) for most vehicles.


  • The Schwimmwagen Type 128, like the Kettenkrad, has no weapons and is used mainly for capturing points and reconnaissance.
  • Incendiary Trap can be used as anti-infantry mines. Since they are incendiary-based, they should be placed in spots where enemy infantry is likely to stand around in. For example, near resource points, or the entrances of buildings, where the flames can spread out toward the garrison and still damage them.
  • Mark Target has a very short 10 second cooldown time and should be used as much as possible if the Schwimmwagen is on reconnaissance duties. This ability is handy for tracking or killing units, including camouflaged ones like Snipers, as it makes it easier to find and destroy them with other units.
  • While Mine Drop costs more munitions than normal, the Schwimmwagen can take advantage of its speed to find hot spots as needed, in addition to being able to lay down the mines very quickly.

Built From

   Panzer Elite Headquarters


Doctrinal Abilities

Ability:Mark Target

Ability:Schwimmwagen Mine Drop

Ability:Incendiary Trap

Vehicle Abilities

   Vehicle Cover