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Vehicle:Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank

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Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank
Image:vehicle_pnze_panzer_iv_ausf_f1.png Health 600 Max Speed 5 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png420image:Fuel.png60 Acceleration 1.2 Detection 0/0
Time 55 Deceleration 3
Hotkey: P Population 8 Rotation 50 Target Type armour_panzer
Upkeep 8.064 Crush Human true Critical Type armour
Crush Mode crush_medium Rear Damage Enabled true

   Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank Veterancy



  • Although the Panzer IV Infantry Support tank can easily destroy infantry squads, it does little to no damage against tanks.
  • Armor Skirts make this unit less vulnerable to infantry held AT weaponry.
  • MG42 Gunners can be added to help destroy infantry even further.
  • If Rapid Fire is used, the unit becomes stationary, but can fire at a much faster rate.
  • When facing an American player who goes both Barracks and WSC, it is a good strategy to tech to PIV IS as they can take on anything from either structures. More often then not, the American player doesn't have enough time to complete a Motorpool and build an AT gun, so a PIV IS with armor skirts is nigh unstoppable from any early American threats.


The Panzer IV F1 was a medium tank that carried the older 7.5cm KwK37 cannon as its main armament. This gun was initially meant for anti-infantry duties, as its large shell carried a sizable high explosive warhead and the gun could be elevated just high enough to act as short-ranged artillery piece. Its usefulness against other tanks quickly came to an end as the war progressed, and it was superceded by the better armed and armoured H model. There were no Panzer IV F1 tanks remaining in front-line German forces by the time of the Normandy invasion.

The Panzer IV Infantry Support tank in Company of Heroes is the F1 model, though lacks the ability to fire short ranged barrages. The Rapid Fire ability is not historically supported; rather, it is there for flavor and balanced gameplay.


   Support Kommand Upgrade


Built From

   Panzer-Support Kommand


Vehicle Abilities

   Rapid Fire


   Vehicle Cover


Vehicle Upgrades

   Armor Skirts Panzer IV


   MG42 Gunner Panzer IV


Vehicle Weapons

   75mm Panzer Short Barrel


   MG42 Turret