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Image:vehicle_pnze_recon_bike.png Health 90 Max Speed 7.5 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png165 Acceleration 14 Detection 30/10
Time 25 Deceleration 9
Hotkey: S Population 1 Rotation 120 Target Type vehicle_22x
Upkeep 2.688 Crush Human Critical Type supply_truck
Crush Mode Rear Damage Enabled true

   Kettenkrad Veterancy



  • Kettenkrads can quickly capture command points.
  • Determined by what Doctrine you use, the Kettenkrad has many abilities that it can use.
  • Kettenkrads are good to use if you want to spot snipers (a camouflaged Kettenkrad can spot one as well).
  • Kettenkrads can sometimes be destroyed by US jeep. However, the US player need great skill and micro to pull it off.
  • The doctrine choice can be discovered by looking at what kind of tools are on the back of the kettenkrad.
  • Kettenkrads with the Camouflage ablity (Obtained through Luftwaffe tactics) can be used as a scout, similar to camouflaged snipers, or the American Air Recon Ability.
  • Especially in smaller matches with few chokepoints, having 2 Kettenkrads is helpful for harassing enemy economy. Use them to cut off main supply sectors in 1v1 games (This tactic is extremely effective against the British, who field fewer units in the early game than Americans).


The Kettenkrad, short for Kettenkraftrad (Tracked Motorcycle), was a light utility vehicle for transport and towing. It was more mobile in off-road conditions than a motorcycle, and could tow equipment trailers and light guns such as the 3.7cm PaK36 anti-tank gun. It was also sometimes used as the main transport for motorized scout units in Panzer and Panzergrenadier divisions.

Built From

   Panzer Elite Headquarters


Doctrinal Abilities

   Rudimentary Repair


   Kettenkrad Camouflage


   Booby Traps


Vehicle Abilities

   Vehicle Cover