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Image:vehicle_allied_jeep.png Health 185 Max Speed 7.2 Sight 55
Cost image:Manpower.png220 Acceleration 5.5 Detection 18/0
Time 35 Deceleration 6.5
Hotkey: J Population 3 Rotation 85 Target Type vehicle_jeep
Upkeep 5.184 Crush Human Critical Type light_vehicle
Crush Mode Rear Damage Enabled false

   Jeep Veterancy



  • Use your jeep to hunt snipers, snipers take additional damage from the jeep.
  • You can use the jeep to push units out of cover or away from a resource point, preventing them from capping.
  • Unlike its Wehrmacht counterpart, the jeep can reverse and it is significantly more maneuverable, always retreat and repair.
  • Jeeps extended sight range allows it to reveal enemy positions before it can be seen, use it to your advantage.
  • With Armor Company, jeeps can self repair at a cost of some munitions and capture points.
  • Against the Panzer Elite player, they are used for attacking Kettens in the hopes of damaging an opponent's capping power.


Produced by Willys-Overland through-out the war, the US Willy's Jeep was their main light transport and towing vehicle. The Jeep was used to carry reconnaissance troops, tow light guns and trailers, transport wounded, and carry officers and support personnel. It's simple design and excellent off-road mobility earned it a reputation for being reliable. British forces also acquired Jeeps for their own usage, and were most prominently used by their Commando and Airborne troops as transports once the invasion had moved inland.

The version in Company of Heroes is armed with an M1919 .30cal machine-gun, but the Jeep could also mount the M2HB .50cal machine-gun for anti-air defense.

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Company Abilities

   Field Repairs




Vehicle Abilities

   Vehicle Cover


Vehicle Weapons

   30 Cal Jeep MG