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Vehicle:150mm Nebelwerfer Rocket Battery

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150mm Nebelwerfer Rocket Battery
Image:vehicle_axis_nebelwerfer.png Health 250 Crew Size 3 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png325 Crew Health 70 Detection 0/0
Time 46 Crew Cover None
Hotkey: ? Population 5 Crew Target Type infantry Target Type towed_gun
Upkeep 5.376

   150mm Nebelwerfer Rocket Battery Veterancy



  • A nice strategy is to have 2 Nebelwerfers firing constantly at the enemy´s base.
  • Nebelwerfers excel at destroying British trenches.


The 15cm NbW41 "Nebelwerfer" (Smoke Launcher) was a six-tube rocket launcher used as artillery by the Germans in World War II. With the rising expense of conventional field artillery pieces, the Nebelwerfer was a welcome addition as it cost a fraction of regular artillery. Though originally designated a smoke launcher, as it was to be used by the chemical weapons units that also falsely labeled their weapons as "smoke", it mostly fired high explosive rockets. Nebelwerfer rockets quickly saturated a large area with deadly shrapnel, though were very inaccurate compared to conventional guns. Batteries were towed by half-tracks, and quickly packed up after firing, as the long smoke trails gave away their position to enemy artillery.

Built From

   Sturm Armory


Doctrinal Abilities



Vehicle Abilities

   Vehicle Cover


   Nebelwerfer Barrage


Vehicle Weapons

   150mm Nebelwerfer


   Luger Pistol