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Vehicle:Bren Carrier

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Bren Carrier
Image:vehicle_cmnw_bren_carrier.png Health 215 Max Speed 7 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png280image:Fuel.png10 Acceleration 2.5 Detection 0/0
Time 35 Deceleration 7
Hotkey: B Population 4 Rotation 50 Target Type vehicle_bren
Upkeep 1.9968 Crush Human Critical Type vehicle_halftrack
Crush Mode Rear Damage Enabled false


  • Upgraded Bren gun carrier's Armored Piercing Burst ability makes short work of stray Motorcycles, Halftracks and even Pumas.
  • Avoid fighting German machine gun positions from the front, use the carrier's speed to flank the enemy and hit them from behind.
  • Extremely effective as a transport vehicle at early stages of multilayer games. Ferry troops to forward positions quicker, thus giving them time to dig in.
  • Use the carrier's speed to break through the front lines and scout out enemy positions for artillery.
  • Sit the Bren Carrier at a chokepoint where you expect to make an MG emplacement, like a temporary MG. Always support them with Tommies (in the beginning). A Gewehr 43 upgraded Panzer Grenadier squad in heavy cover can and will destroy a lone Bren Carrier, as usually they are supported by flanking squads.
  • Do not compare the Bren Carrier with the Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack. The Bren can defeat a Scout Car, but will not stand up to an Infantry Halftrack, due to the Halftrack's superior machine gun and health (Being around 50% higher than the Bren Carrier's)


The Universal Carrier, usually known as a Bren Gun Carrier (even when it was not carrying a Bren), was a small, tracked British-designed military vehicle, used widely by Allied forces during World War II. Universal Carriers were usually used for transporting personnel and equipment, mostly support weapons, or as machine gun platforms. With some 113,000 built in Great Britain and abroad, it was the most numerous armored fighting vehicle in history.

Built From

   Headquarters Command Truck


Vehicle Abilities

   Bren Carrier Capture


   Bren Carrier Self Repair


   Bren AP Burst


   Button Enemy Vehicle


Vehicle Upgrades

   Convert to MMG Carrier


Vehicle Weapons

   Bren LMG Carrier


   Vickers Bren Carrier


   Bren LMG Button