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Vehicle:Bergetiger Repair and Recovery Vehicle

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Bergetiger Repair and Recovery Vehicle
Image:vehicle_pnze_berge_tiger.png Health 1000 Max Speed 4 Sight 35
Cost image:Manpower.png400image:Fuel.png50 Acceleration 2 Detection 0/0
Time 45 Deceleration 4
Hotkey: B Population 10 Rotation 23 Target Type armour_tiger
Upkeep 10.752 Crush Human true Critical Type armour
Crush Mode crush_heavy Rear Damage Enabled true

   Bergetiger Repair and Recovery Vehicle Veterancy



  • Often ignored by less experienced players, the Bergetiger Repair vehicle is invaluable when considering a strategy that is heavy on tank usage. With the ability to take destroyed tanks and bring them back to the field, it can be considered of even greater value than a Tiger. Always keep it protected, as it has little ability to defend itself against anything more powerful than basic infantry.
  • Any vehicles repaired by the Bergetiger will be under the control of the user they were produced by. Keep this in mind, so you don't end up screwing an ally with unwanted population plugs.
  • If an ally has used a King Tiger during the game and it has been killed but not completely destroyed, the Bergetiger can be used to bring the King Tiger back from the dead.


The German military used a variety of recovery vehicles for their Panzer battalions, of which, more than a few were converted tanks. These halftracks and Bergepanzers were intended to tow tanks off the battlefield where they would be safely repaired. The most common versions were the SdKfz 9 (an 18-ton half-track), the Bergepanzer III, and Bergepanther; however, some damaged Tiger I Es were also converted into Bergepanzers..

The Bergetiger in Company of Heroes is disputed by historical experts on whether it was a recovery vehicle or not. It's design is based on images taken in Italy. However standard Bergetigers lacked a turret, and had a heavy-duty winch for towing tanks. The current theory regarding the turreted Bergetiger is that it was actually a mine-clearing, or explosives-handling tank used in Italy, as a Tiger I's turret is not properly fastened to support a crane that could tow a tank.

Built From

   Panzer-Support Kommand


Vehicle Abilities

   Recover Wreck




Vehicle Weapons

   MG42 Hull MG