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Effects of Suppression

  • Suppressed Activate Actions
    • Moving Speed - 2
  • Pinned Activate Actions
    • Disable Capture
    • Disable Weapons
    • After you have been pinned for 10 seconds.
      • Received Accuracy x 2
      • Received Damage x 1.5

Suppression Recovery

  • Noncombat Delay
- Total delay before receiving the Noncombat Recover Multiplier bonus.
  • Noncombat Recover Multiplier
- Recovery Rate bonus for not being in combat.
  • Cover Recover Multiplier
- Recovery Rate bonus for being in cover

Recovery Multipliers

Noncombat Delay 7
Noncombat Multiplier 50
Cover Recover Multiplier
Cover TypeMultiplierCover TypeMultiplier
Default1Open (Unused)0.75
Heavy5 (10 ¤)Water1
Light2.5 (5 ¤)Bunker1
Negative0.5 (0.8 ¤)Emplacement1

¤ Values in ( )s apply only to Officer, Stormtroopers and Panzer Elite Infantry.

Note that not all infantry have the same default recovery rate. Please see the section on Thresholds Statistics.

Thresholds Statistics

  • Recover Rate (Rec Rate)
- Recover Rate per second.
  • Suppressed Activate Threshold (SAT)
- Total suppression needed to suppress a squad.
  • Suppressed Recover Threshold (SRT)
- Total suppression must drop below this number to return to normal.
  • Pinned Activate Threshold (PAT)
- Total suppression needed to pin a squad.
  • Pinned Recover Threshold (PRT)
- Total suppression must drop below this number to go back to suppressed.

Image:Flags_usa.png Units SAT SRT PAT PRT Rec Rate
Heavy Machine Gun Team0.
Mortar Team0.
Image:Flags_german.png Units SAT SRT PAT PRT Rec Rate
MG42 Heavy Machine Gun0.
Knight's Cross Holders0.
Gr. 34 8cm Mortar Team0.
Image:Flags_british.png Units SAT SRT PAT PRT Rec Rate
HMG Commandos0.350.150.80.650.012
Mortar Commandos0.350.150.80.650.012
PIAT Commandos0.350.150.80.650.012
Heavy Machine Gun Team0.350.150.80.650.012
Mortar Team0.250.20.650.550.008
Infantry Section0.250.20.650.550.008
Infantry Section0.250.20.650.550.008
Image:Flags_panzer.png Units SAT SRT PAT PRT Rec Rate
Luftwaffe Squad0.
Panzer Grenadiers0.20.150.650.550.007
Assault Grenadier Heavy Infantry0.20.150.650.550.007
Tank Buster Heavy Infantry0.20.150.650.550.007

Basic Calculations

Each weapon has a set of Suppression values, a Nearby Suppression Multiplier, and a Nearby Suppression Radius. The suppression value is always added to the squad taking fire, regardless of hit or miss.

The Suppression value is added to the squad under fire, every bullet, both hit and missed will count and accumulate. The squad is Suppressed/Pinned when Suppressed/Pinned Activate Threshold is reached.

For example. Engineer has a SAT of 0.02, Kar98 has a Suppression of 0.006 at long range, firing 4 bullets at the same time will suppress the Engineer squad. (4 x 0.006 = 0.024 >0.02) This doesn't always happen because Suppression Recovery is always active. Engineers will recover almost instantly.

Nearby Suppression Multiplier doest not affect the targeted unit, only units around it. Nearby Suppression Radius gives the radius of the suppression area of effect. For example, the NSM for the Kar 98 Rifle is 0.1, an engineer squad near the engineer squad will take 10 times more bullets to suppress. (40 x 0.006 x 0.1 = 0.024 > 0.02)

Remember that Suppression Recovery is always active, which means it may require more than the calculated number of bullets to suppress and pin enemy units. And dont forget all those Suppression Multipliers for covers, veterancy and abilities.