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Info:Gaining Command Points

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For Veterancy Point Information, see Info:Gaining Veterancy

Experience Points (XP)

You will gain experiences (xp) points when you build structures, kill or lose units during the game. Research, building regular units will not give you xp.

  • Build Multiplier: 0.083
  • Kill Multiplier: 0.055
  • Loss Multiplier: 0.0275

For example, a sniper cost 340 manpower, when he is killed.

340x0.055=18.7xp 19xp is gained by your opponent.
340x0.02754=9.3636xp 9xp is gained by you.

For example, each stormtrooper is listed as 85 manpower, the call-in price is NOT the true cost of the unit. when he is killed.

85x0.055=4.675xp 5xp is gained by your opponent.
85x0.02754=2.3409xp 2xp is gained by you.

For example, each mine cost 25 munitions to build, when it is built.

25x0.083=2.075xp 2xp is gained by you.

If there are other types of resources involved, simply add them together

(Manpower+Munitions+Fuel) x Multiplier = xp

Just to clarify, the raw xp value is rewarded, only the onscreen text is rounded to the whole number.

You will also gain xp by destroying wrecks.

Each wreck has a munition cost associated with it, it is the maximum amount of muntion pioneers can salvage.

Command Points (CP)

Consider Command Points (CP) your pool for xps.

  • From 0CP to 1CP you will need 60xp
  • From 1CP to 2CP you will need 60xp
  • From 2CP to 3CP you will need 80xp
  • From n+1 CP to n+2 CP you will need 80xp (n>1)

  • 0 CP = 0xp
  • 1 CP = 60xp
  • 2 CP = 60xp+60xp
  • 3 CP = 60xp+60xp+80xp
  • 4 CP = 60xp+60xp+80xp+80xp

If you have 3CP or higher and use 1CP, you will lose 80xp

If you have 2CP or lower and use 1CP, you will lose 60xp

For example:

  • If you have 3.5CP (60+60+80+40) and use 2CP, you will lose 80xp+60xp and end up with 1.66CP (60+40)
  • If you have 2.75CP (60+60+60) and use 1CP, you will lose 60xp and still have 2CP (60+60), NOT 1.75CP (60+45)

If you used your CPs and end up with 0CP or 1CP for example, it will reset and the xp required to get to the next CP will be lowered to 60xp

Which means, it is best NOT to stack CPs and wait, your CP should stay below 3 if you want to get the most out of your xps