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Infantry:Wehrmacht Sniper

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Wehrmacht Sniper
Image:unit_axis_sniper.png Squad Size 1 Capture Rate 1 Sup Threshold 0.2
Health 75 Sight 40 Pin Threshold 0.6
Cost 340 Detection 7/0 Recovery Rate 0.008
Hotkey: S Population 4
Time 50 Retreat Modifier 0.75 Target Type infantry_sniper
Upkeep 5.376 Reinforce Cost 0.5 Critical Type infantry
Squad Slots Reinforce Time 2

   Wehrmacht Sniper Veterancy



  • Never let your sniper work alone! Always use spotters and pick targets off from his maximum range.
  • Snipers in cover will regain camouflage faster after each shot than snipers in the open. This can be the difference between a MG getting off a deadly burst on him or not.
  • If used for reconnaissances, always activate hold fire to avoid unwanted attention.
  • Sniper cannot kill turret gunners, so don't shoot at vehicles.
  • Mortars and AT guns can be cleared with just two shots.
  • When counter-sniping, use a bait such as Pioneers or Volksgrenadiers to get the enemy sniper out of their cloak and quickly target his with your sniper.
  • Placing a sniper in a building is risky, it will quickly become an identifiable target.
  • Use is "stop fire" ability to use your sniper just as counter weapon.


One of the best known battles involving snipers, and also the battle that made the Germans reinstate their specialized sniper training, was the Battle of Stalingrad. Their defensive position inside a city filled with rubble made that Soviet snipers were able to inflict significant casualties on the German Wehrmacht. Because of the urban nature of fighting, snipers were very hard to spot and seriously dented the morale of the German attackers. Though German sharpshooters appeared spontaneously, often armed with captured scoped Mosin-Nagant rifles, Germany re-established its own sniping school and set out to reclaim its reputation of the First World War. Germany drastically increased the number of snipers per unit. German training emphasized shooting at long-range targets to deliver a feeling of insecurity to the enemy, the ability to creep up on enemies and maintain hidden with enemies nearby, plus especially good camouflaging. Germany evolved the most efficient ways of camouflaging, both by using the environment (branches etc.) and by the development of specially designed, reversible camouflage clothing. German snipers were also issued with special shovels and knives to create the best possible hiding places and shelters. As they had done during the First World War, German snipers also changed location after a few shots to further reduce their chances of being spotted. They were also issued highest-quality adjustable scopes.

It is also worth noting, the sniper in Company of Heroes is armed with a scoped G43. While this is possible, it was extremely uncommon to have a sniper armed with such a weapon.