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Infantry:Mortar Team

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Mortar Team
Image:unit_allied_mortar.png Squad Size 3 Capture Rate 1 Sup Threshold 0.2
Health 165 Sight 35 Pin Threshold 0.6
Cost 279.99 Detection 7/0 Recovery Rate 0.008
Hotkey: M Population 3
Time 36 Retreat Modifier 0.5 Target Type infantry
Upkeep 7.2 Reinforce Cost 0.5 Critical Type infantry
Squad Slots Reinforce Time 1

   Mortar Team Veterancy



  • Mortars are primary used to deal with entrenched enemy positions, such as units in cover, buildings.
  • The mortar team can use smoke barrage to protect advancing infantry units and reduce the effectiveness most enemy weapons.
  • If two members of the team are killed, the third member will die as well.
  • Mortars can be recaptured if the crew is killed.
  • If you are setting up/packing up the mortar, or are moving with it when the crew dies, the mortar will not be dropped.
  • If your Mortar team is being sniped. Do not displace it as the 2nd shot will kill the crew and the Mortar is lost forever. You can simply leave it there and once the crew it killed you can simply re manned it. It will be a lot cheaper compare replacing a whole new mortar.
  • When trying to Mortar a house or a specific spot. Do not use attack ground as it will take forever to hit. Instead use Mortar Bombardment which will concentrated all round into 1 specific area.


For mobile platoon and company level action, an easily portable weapon for use between the effective ranges of hand grenades and the 81mm mortar was needed. Hence, the 60mm M2. The bi-pod was often left attached to the tube for speed in bringing the mortar into action, and the combination was readily carried by two men, with ammunition in complete rounds being carried by supporting troops.

Built From

   Weapons Support Center


Squad Abilities

   60mm Mortar Bombardment


   American Smoke Barrage


   Disable Free-Fire


Squad Weapons

   M1 Carbine


   60mm Mortar


   60mm Mortar Barrage