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Image:unit_cmnw_commando.png Squad Size 6 Capture Rate 1 Sup Threshold 0.35
Health 390 Sight 35 Pin Threshold 0.8
Cost 510 Detection 7/0 Recovery Rate 0.012
Hotkey: C Population 6
Time 36 Retreat Modifier 0.5 Target Type infantry_soldier
Upkeep 9.0144 Reinforce Cost 0.4119 Critical Type infantry
Squad Slots 6 Reinforce Time 1.5

British Veterancy

  • british units, excluding the Lieutenant, captain, and command tank, do not gain veterancy. Any experiences earned from kills by infantry are transfered to nearby officers at the time of the kill, or otherwise lost forever.
  • Commandos do not benefit from the presence of a Lieutenant or captain, but will still transfer earned experience


  • Commandos can only be used with the Royal Commandos Doctrine.
  • Commandos are good counters to enemy machine guns as they can drop outside the HMG's fire arc with gliders or can deploy smoke to make them untargetable for 7 seconds.
  • Never drop the glider near the presence of a sighted Marder III or StuG as they automatically target the glider even before the Commandos exit. This applies also to the Tetrarch Glider.
  • Use Commandos against enemy infantry.
  • They can also be used for capping power as they can drop behind enemy lines and do not have a movement handicap when in enemy territory.
  • Drop the Commandos near an important strategic point to capture it, or near the main base to wreck havoc in your enemies base and turn his focus.
  • Problems with gliders landing behind your lines and commandos wrecking your day? Cover vacant fields, long roads, and other great landing spots in dragon's teeth, they will tear up the glider before the troops can spawn.
  • If an enemy drops a Panzershreck, pick it up with the commando squad as soon as possible. It makes them good against their usual counters - armored cars and light tanks.


The Air landing troops of the British Airborne were tasked with assaulting German positions prior to the D-Day landings. They landed their gliders in Coup de Main assaults on enemy positions, surprising the German defenders in risky attacks. They were all volunteers, and well-trained for their dangerous job, and continued to act as elite ground infantry once the airborne operations were over.

The Commandos in Company of Heroes are actually Air landing troops from an Airborne Division, or SAS (Special Air Service) Commandos. Their distinctive red berets indicate they're airborne troops or SAS Troops, as Commandos wore green berets. Commandos came from several branches (Royal Army Commandos, Royal Marine Commandos, and Royal Navy Commandos) and none were involved in glider operations.

Called In Using



Squad Abilities

   Commando Throw Grenade


   Concealing Smoke


Squad Weapons

   Sten SMG


   Commando Demolitions Charge


   Commando Grenade